PYØR is a singer/songwriter and producer based in NY.

New York-based and Latvia-bred electro indie soul singer, songwriter and classically trained musician PYØR (Taronuhi “Taron” Khachyan) fell in love with music the second her fingers first touched a set of piano keys and held a pair of drumsticks at the ripe age of 6. Taking pure pieces of her soul and transforming them into audible masterpieces over the last 15 years, PYØR has been gearing up to take the music world by storm as not just an artist, but as a tastemaker.

The staggering success of her breakout single “Broke My Rules” skyrocketed her to the #5 spot on Spotify UK’s Viral 50 and the #1 spot on Vodafone’s Big Top 40. Having taken a break from touring and releasing music over the last 2 years to focus solely on songwriting, "Broke My Rules" is continuing to gain a massive amount of attention as the single was recently included on Spotify’s biggest editorial playlist - Today’s Top Hits twice, alongside Fresh Finds and Good Vibes after gaining an organic reach of over 1.3 million streams on Spotify.

Her soulful, raspy vocals enable her to be a chameleon and adapt to a versatile range of productions, as well as ignite her with the confidence to light up any stage she steps foot on. She has performed on stages and festivals all over the world- including Positivus Festival, the biggest festival in the Baltics at the age of 17. Performing for crowds of over 32,000 fans by the age of 21, her personality on-and-off stage and the camera stays the same- goofy, dedicated and passionate about her craft. She has received support from fans of the likes of Klingande, Sam Feldt, Hayden James, Kygo, BAYNK and countless others- and has been playlisted by channels such as The Vibe Guide, Get the Sound and Mellow Uploads.

“I am so, so grateful for my life and everything I have. God has given me not only music, but also an incredible audience to have as an outlet- and I couldn’t be more blessed to have been chosen for this journey. My biggest aspiration in life is to be truly happy, and make people happy through my music.”