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PYØR (Taronuhi Khachyan) is a singer/songwriter and a musical producer based in the heart of the musical rollercoaster - New York. "I wrote my first song when I was 6 years old. If somebody told me that I am entering this world of astonishing creativity, I wouldn't believe them but somehow it became my biggest aspiration in life - to be truly happy and create music." Taron mostly writes and performs in genres as funk, jazz, and electronic music. "What inspires me the most? People, their body language; the way they order their coffee at Starbucks or just simply smile when they see their loved ones coming from school or work." She appeared in musical charts worldwide by debuting her single "Broke My Rules" which became #1 at Vodafone Big Top 40, was featured in multiple Spotify playlists as Viral 50 UK where it reached #5, and built a community of friends all around the world. Her personality on and off stage is the same; open-minded, hard-working, and making the best of what she has now. "Many people from the audience who met me at Positivus Festival (Salacgriva, Latvia) or, for instance, The Bowery Electric (Manhattan, NY) became my friends, I am so thankful for their support and love. All the letters, pictures people send me from places where I have never been before as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany... I am so, so grateful for my life and what I have. God has given me not only music but also an incredible audience aka #PYØRSQUAD. I will always remember myself sitting and writing that silly song which brought me to this world of spectacular opportunities and endless love. Thank you."